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Testimonials from Denture Clients

"Quan was extremely welcoming and took great care of me through the whole process from start to finish. She even referred me to an implant specialist and worked closely with him to make the process quick and smooth. I would recommend Quan to anyone for her caring nature and ability to get the job done with great satisfaction!"

Evelyn Voice

"I am 100% pleased with the finished look of my dentures. I asked not to have perfectly straight teeth, I wanted them a little crooked to look more natural and I asked not to have perfectly white teeth. Quan came through on both counts. I can now smile with confidence. I have had an upper denture since I was 18 yrs old (now 72) and always they were made too perfect and I never felt like smiling. Now I can smile with confidence. I am so happy, happy, happy!!!!! THANK YOU QUAN!!!!"

Suzanne Adamchuk

"I am very happy with my new dentures. I think they look amazing. Quan created what I asked for in the appearance of my dentures and has given my mouth a more youthful appearance. I have paid much more for previous dentures and have received much less satisfaction."

Darlene Francois

"I am very happy to have Quan as my denturist!

She is a great professional and a very kind person! She treats me with respect and care and she does her best to make sure my dentures fit perfectly and they do! I would recommend Quan to anyone that needs dentures because of her high level of professionalism and craftsmanship, excellent care and her warm and kind and helpful personality!

Thank you Quan :)!"

Polina Furnadzhieva

"I had periodontist and lost all my teeth. Needed implants before I could put dentures on. I was not happy with what was happening to me. The implant doctor was decent but the implant caps he put on weren't so good so when I was wearing my dentures at first they weren't fitting properly.

Quan replaced those with better ones and just like that it all fell comfortably into place. To me Quan is the best! She made a full upper and lower denture that look way better than my real teeth ever did. Not only that but the fit is extremely comfortable. You literally can't tell that what I have on are dentures. I am extremely thankful to her for the excellent work and her kind, patient and sweet approach towards me!

My wife also had partial dentures done by her and she couldn't be happier with them! as well!

I strongly recommend her to anyone who needs dentures!

Thank you Quan!"

Valeri Furnadzhiev

"I just got back from the New West Dentureworks where they made my new denture. Quan and her assistant Sewita were great, I got a great service and a million dollar smile.

This clinic is spotless and a great atmosphere, very courteous and polite, they treat you like company, I would recommend to everyone, if you need dentures, or partials and want a beautiful smile go to New West Dentureworks 604-553-1222 they are located at 522 Seventh Street, New-Westminster #270. I give it a big 5 stars."

Helen Cooke

"Great and friendly service in a very relaxed atmosphere. Quan made my upper partial a custom fit. You can feel the energy that she has, very pleasant person. She explains everything about the Partial that I received.

If anyone is looking for Dentures, this is the place to get them. I Highly Recommend It!"

Brady Nimeck

"My dad's been going to New West Dentures for 10 years now, he had troubles in the past with his teeth and they outfitted new dentures that look and feel great! We've always had a wonderful experience there, the staff are super friendly and the office is very welcoming! Would highly recommend."

Michael Huynh

"Lovely office, great service and very friendly staff! Made my lower partial denture so comfortable that I don't even feel I am wearing dentures. New West Denture Works definitely deserves 5 stars for their high quality service and friendly staff. Recommended!"

Nasrin Abdul Manaf

"I am extremely happy with the excellent work of Quan a full-time maker of dentures and the experience and dedication shows in the quality of work.

When you repeatedly do the same work and continue to remain in a successful business you are a professional at the work you do."

Brian Martin

"What an AMAZING experience!

I brought my mother to see Quan after seeing 4 different denturist's. Not only was her lab clean and client friendly - she herself had such a welcoming & enthusiastic personality to go along with it. Her work is immaculate and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!"

Avagail Carnaté

"Thank you so much for my new denture, Quan! I have had such comfort in eating and talking. I have received many compliments from friends and family. You have gone above and beyond.....thank you again."

Ayshia Nguyen-Krueger

"My experience with Quan and her team has been nothing short of exceptional - friendly, sincere, professional, accessible, and pricing that respects your budget.

I am a very satisfied customer in every way!"

Brian Souter